Our surroundings are more than the backdrop to our lives — they're also the soundtrack, the inspiration, the context.

A well-designed space supports all of its inhabitants and visitors every day — with inspiration, excitement, soothing qualities, a connection to life history, fun and adaptable functionality. With this philosophy, we re-imagine and transform spaces into a complete context for your lifestyle.



About tamara hubinsky


Tamara Hubinsky entered the world of interior design to follow a personal passion for meaningful, functional and fun spaces.  In addition to the pleasure of creating inspiring spaces, she finds joy in applying her proven problem solving and management capabilities to each project so that her clients' experience is seamless. 

An early love of design came from significant time spent on building sites, in woodworking shops, scouring flea markets, and peering into windows.  An allied member of the American Society of Interior Designers, Tamara has lived most of her life in NYC and Northern California and brings these very distinct places to her designs.