Why work with an interior designer?

An interior designer brings a unique combination of experience and skills to your project – creative, technical, and organizational. He or she will create a vision that is unique to you, your space, and your budget -- and help you achieve that vision.    

What is your fee structure?

At the beginning of a project we will help you determine the scope of your project and always seek a price point that makes the most sense for you and your budget.  

How long will my project take to complete?

That really depends on the scope of the project. At our initial consultation we will discuss your timeline.  Some projects are very limited and can be completed in one or two afternoons that work with both of our schedules. Other projects require more in depth planning, sourcing and installation. I don’t really have a typical project – some are one afternoon, others may take many months from initial consultation to installation. A renovation project may take more than a year.

What is your design style or area of specialty?

My personal style is best described as warm modern. Design elements related to materials, texture, color and balance (including imbalance), are very important to me. Within this context, I look for cues from the architecture, the location, and the clients.   

I have very specific style which seems quite different from yours. Can we still work together?

Your space is yours.  We aim to develop a design that suits you while following good design principles and moving beyond the typical.  

Do you get trade discounts and are you able to pass them on to me?

Yes, we have access to trade-only resources as well as professional discounts from retail and mainstream vendors. Most projects use items from a variety of sources and price points – mainstream, trade-only, custom, and vintage in order to create a unique space, tailored to you.

How does an interior designer differ from an architect? 

Most simply, an architect specializes in the structural elements of a space and an interior designer specializes in the surfaces and items inside the structure. Many large projects benefit from having both an architect and an interior designer, working together throughout your project. We’re happy to help you determine the best team for your project.  

Are you able to recommend contractors / builders if needed for the project?

We work with you to put together a list of potential contractors or tradespeople.  In many cases, the contractor is recommended by your neighbors or friends. We also have a list of contractors we have worked with in the past.