Office Inspiration

It's Time to Upgrade

Last week I renewed the lease on my studio office. I’d love to say it’s the perfect space 100% of the time, but it’s not. On the pros side: There's enough room for me and my team; ample storage for the ever-increasing inventory of tile, stone and fabric samples; meeting rooms; and is in a good building with an incredibly convenient location in downtown Manhattan. On the cons side: The lighting is tricky; the building-supplied industrial carpet is meh (at best); the street noise can be distracting; and the original concrete walls put a damper on any spontaneous changes.

But it works for me, for now. With a renewed lease in hand, it’s time to add a few more improvements for my business and creative work.

Function comes first, and much of those requirements have already been met – adequate lighting; desktop areas; a broad table and seating for meetings, meals, or creating; storage and support systems for current projects; etc. This year, though, I hope to bring out the big(ger) guns and invest in fine tuning the function with better lighting and infrastructure, while adding to the form with some self-designed and curated creative inspirations.

I’ve taken note of office spaces I admire, particularly in residential settings. For my work, I want to foster the warmth of home with the efficiency and creativity I need. Here are a few inspirations (plus advice) in case you, too, are looking to improve your work day environment.

1. Let the Outside In

Ideally, an office space has fantastic light and views, but even when the windows are not optimal, add a dash of outside with greenery or art. A small touch with big impact.

2. Clean and Organized Does Not Mean Empty

While I am inspired by clean and pristine architectural lines, my natural working inclination is to gather items and projects around me.

3. Accents and Exclamations

 I always love an accent wall. Or, if it works for you, a stronger exclamation point on the ceiling.

4. The Need to Lounge

I am still grappling with this one for my space – in an ideal world, I’d have space for a lounging zone or nook, plus a work and gathering area.

5. Materials to Calm

I do like contrast and bright colors, but in a creative work space, I am most drawn to calming colors of blues and greys, with a good dose of natural woods or grasses, probably because my space is inundated with a shifting variety of materials based on current projects. A few small hits of bright reds or pinks to ensure the creative juices flow can’t hurt. 

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